The Dark Tower Series

stephen king itThe Dark Tower series is a triumph of storytelling sorcery--and a continuing testament to Stephen King's supreme mastery over the realm of fantasy. Includes The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three and The Waste Lands.

Lots of Stephen King fans feel that his horror novels are dwarfed by what they consider his masterpiece, the genre-bending Dark Tower books. They're a little like the sprawling epics of J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, and George Lucas, but then again, they're really like nothing else in this world (or King's).
This set collects the first three. The Gunslinger introduces the hero Roland, who must reach the Dark Tower in order to save his universe, Mid-World. There are passageways between our world and Mid-World, and a New York City boy named Jake gets shoved in front of a car by Jack Mort ("death"), is killed, and finds himself alive in Roland's world. He becomes Roland's surrogate son.

In book 2, The Drawing of the Three, Roland is attacked by marvelous, poisonous "lobstrosities" and enters our world for help. He takes heroin addict Eddie Dean from 1987 New York and Odetta Holmes from 1964 New York as his team. In a powerful time-tripping scene, Roland confronts Jack Mort and actually changes Jake's Earth history, which has heady implications for Roland's world.

In The Waste Lands, book 3, Roland and company get ensnared in a civil war in the urban waste of Lud, acquire a delightful talking pet named Oy the Bumbler, and find themselves captives of a psychotic train called Blaine the Mono.

The plot is complex, yet weirdly logical. But take warning: this series is addictive, and you may need to also buy book 4, Wizard and Glass. Otherwise, you won't know what happened when Blaine went insane with Roland's gang onboard.

Stephen King It


***** Wanna see the connections in his other books?
For those of you who have read this series, as well as all of King's other books, you know that there are links in some of his other books back to the Dark Tower series. For those of you who don't know, here it is. Go buy Insomnia, and Hearts In Atlantis. I think you'll find the connections to the Dark Tower series rather interesting. They are somewhat more subtle in Insomnia, but are quite obvious in Hearts In Atlantis. Hearts In Atlantis is a must read for those who are hooked on The Dark Tower.. Read more

***** the makings of a classic
I've just finished re-reading the DARK TOWER series for the second time and I found it even more engrossing. the first time I read it I read it out of order and not in series. This time However I was able to sit down and read it in order the way it should be(I also have WIZARD AND GLASS). This epic adventure begins with the words "The man in black entered the desert and the gunslinger followed" and that sets the tone for the story. the first book THE GUNSLINGER introduces us to a world that is "moving on", and to our hero Roland.We glimpse bits and pieces of Rolands world and our own (which is somehow related to rolands).. Read more »

***** The Best of Stephen King
I have read over 40 of Stephen King's books since 1975 and nothing but The Stand compares to the scope and sheer wonder of Stephen's Dark Tower series. The characters and descriptions of Roland's world are beyond anything I have ever read before, and I have read thousands (really) of books in my 48 years. I would also like to recommend in addition to these books a short story he wrote called The Little Sisters of Eluria in a volume called Legends in October of 1998 that deals with Roland. It is exceptional. Please write more Stephen!

***** A great surreal fantasy
I usually read sci-fi/fantasy, but Stephen King's Dark Tower series is by far the greatest set of books I've ever read. The characters are realistic, the plot pulls you in, and of course it is extremely well written. I can easily compare it to Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Herbert's Dune, and Asimov's Foundation series. If you're a Stephen King fan, get it; if you like sci-fi/fanasy, get it. Well worth your money.

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