Stephen King It – 1986

Stephen King ItIt began for the Losers on a day in June of 1958, the day school let out for the summer. That was the day Henry Bowers carved the first letter of his name on Ben Hanscom's belly and chased him into the Barrens, the day Henry and his Neandertahl friends beat up on Stuttering Bill Denbrough and Eddie Kaspbrak, the day Stuttering Bill had to save Eddie from his worst asthma attack every by riding his bike to beat the devil. It ended in August, with seven desperate children in search of a creature of unspeakable evil in the drains beneath Derry.

In search of It. And somehow it ended. Or so they thought. Then. On a spring night in 1985 Mike Hanlon, once one of those children, makes six calls. Stan Uris, accountant. Richie "Records" Tozier, L.A. disc jockey. Ben Hanscom, renowned architect. Berrely Rogan, dress designer, Eddie Kaspbrak, owner of a successful New York Limiousine company. And Bill Denbrough, bestselling writer of horror novels, Bill Denbrough who now only stutters in his dreams.

These six men and one woman have forgotten their childhoods, have forgotten the time when they were Losers...but an unremembered promise draws them back, the present begins to rhyme dreadfully with the past, and when the Losers renuinte, the wheels of fate lock together and roll them toward the ultimate terror.

Stephen King It


***** An Eternal Giant, An Eater of Worlds
"It" is Stephen King's attempt to write the ultimate horror story, to create a villain more evil and disturbing than any other in literature or film. So how does he do that? By creating a monster capable of making you think that it is your deepest, most terrifying fear, and that it is about to eat you alive. If you're terrorized by movie monsters like the Wolf Man, the Mummy, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon (as kids in the 1950's would have been), it can be any of those. If your fear is disease, it can be a crawling, predatory leper. If spiders horrify you, it can appear as a trance-inducing, 30-foot spider.. Read more »

***** Best book by one of the best sellers !
I ordered my book on the 8th of may i believe, and revived it standard shipping on the 12 of may! It was very worth the money at its price, the book i got was like new! The book itself is a masterpiece that wont soon be forgotten ethier!

***** Now I know why some people hate clowns.
This novel was scary and compelling. I loved the characters and the idea of childhood friends who cared enough to come back together. This book will always be one of my favorites.

***** It's awesome! A well told story
This is a story for anyone with an imagination. Read this a kid, same age as the kids in this story, and now rereading Stephen king it as same age as they are as adults in the story. It's awesome! A well told story.  First read this book when I was 11 years old. The T.V. mini series was due come out soon, and I saw this book with Tim Curry dressed up as Pennywise on the cover of the paperback book of IT, and I had to read it. I knew who Tim Curry was because of his roles in Legend and Clue. Long story short, I loved the book, the T.V. mini series not so much. They did do the book some justice and then failed on the stuff that really made this story awesome. It's a darker/meaner version of the Goonies, with Lovecraft influences in it.. Read more »

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